Episode Four: The Ice Is Melting For Cold Calling – What This Evolution Means For Sales


Selling over the phone is hotter than EVER and today on The Jester To Royalty Program, guest Nick Redstone melts the ice for cold calling!

Nick is a high performing six figure consultant and coach.

He has trained thousands of high performing sales and business professionals on how to remove the guessing game from making sales. Nick works with businesses and individuals to help them to begin to recognise their hidden potential – a place found in their mind, according to Nick, that sits between talent and opportunity. Over the years, with all of Nick’s experiences, he has put together some strategies to make it easier for the customer, make it easier for the salesperson and less stress overall!

During this episode, Nick ‘takes the cold out of cold calling’ and shows you how making sales can, and should, be a breeze.

“You’re ringing someone that you know could be interested in the service you offer.”

Gone are the days when quantity was the main game.

During “The Ice Is Melting for Cold Calling: What This Evolution Means For Sales,” Nick and I discuss the importance of quality over quantity and how brain science (EQ) is such an important part of the modern sales process.

“We’re moving through a phase where the last 15 years has been about IQ.

People used to say ‘What I can do is come in and show you how smart I am; show you my product range; show you how great my business is; that my business has been around since 1652; and we’re not going anywhere, and we’re reliable and trustworthy….’

Now these people are having to use EQ.

‘Hang on! What do you mean, EQ? We have to understand emotional qualities?! Have to understand what (our prospect) might be thinking right? Don’t I just walk in and sell? Don’t I just walk in and hand a brochure over?!”

We also discuss the COVID-19 crisis and the impact it had on sales.

One of the biggest being that the face to face element of the sales process was eliminated whilst everyone was in lock-down.

“When you jump on Zoom you can’t just get on and start selling to people.

So I think we’re finding, through evolution, sales is just evolving and will keep on evolving. And the new version of this is we remove the word ‘cold’ from ‘cold calling,’ it’s just calling.”

During this episode we cover:

  • How to take the ‘Cold’ out of ‘Cold Calling’
  • The evolution of sales
  • Moving from IQ to EQ in sales
  • The importance of client profiling and running sales ‘discovery sessions’ with your prospects
  • The different types of sales personalities
  • Other tips and tools to initially connect with a potential client in 2020

Make sure to check out the podcast for all the details. There is so much gold in this one (as always)!

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