ABOUT Ashleigh

As an accomplished speaker and entrepreneur, Ashleigh currently runs a successful lead generation firm The PromoDonna. The PromoDonna creates high quality B2B sales leads and meetings through cold calling and prequalification for hundreds of companies throughout Australia.

Using the proven sales methods that Ashleigh and her Team utilise every day for their clients, Ashleigh has a passion for training both individuals and organisations, showing them just how to optimise their success during their business development and selling time. Her training uses tried and tested strategies used by her team, along with NLP tactics and method acting skills to create the ‘sales persona’ they have always dreamed of playing.

Having been to one of Ashleigh Alsadie’s workshops, she is a “gun,” taking the fear right of the ‘shoulds’ ‘coulds’ and ‘woulds.’ Ashleigh delivers a can-do approach and is an amazing speaker. She always imparts so much gold. Thank you Ashleigh for sharing your gifts and experience with us.
Mentor, Teacher, and Speaker at Maria Heals
Ashleigh really understood what I needed and tailored a workshop for me to suit. As a result I have already generated new leads and booked in meetings with potential clients within days of working with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is not a natural sales person and wants to grow their skills.
Frontline Leadership Expert at Lets Grow! Pty Ltd
In April Ashleigh ran a training seminar in cold calling for Monash Motorsport to help improve our business communications. It was an incredibly valuable experience for the team, and it was great to hear first hand the experiences of someone who has so much knowledge of the field. Ashleigh was a fantastic presenter and was able to convey a lot of critical information, along with tips and tricks, in easy to learn terms.
Graduate Design Engineer at Monash University