The Sales Royalty Program

Tired of feeling like a court jester, pulling out all the stops to win over your prospects?

Forget the bells and whistles. Too many salespeople try to impress their prospects with over-the-top language and phony performances. Truth is? Boosting your sales is as simple as being yourself (with a touch of sparkle). Keen to learn how? 

Let’s do this!

Introducing The Sales Royalty Program, your go-to resource for online sales training and insider business tips to help you win back the crown.

Throughout this 10-week program, you’ll experience authentic online sales training, small group coaching, mentorship, and live events – all supported by an active community to cheer you on along the way. 

You’ll receive:

  • Access to 9x fun, digestible and informative training modules
  • Insider worksheets and tools to give you a competitive edge
  • Hands-on exercises to help bring your newfound skills to life
  • Exclusive access to our weekly online mastermind sessions
  • Dedicated time to deep-dive into your specific interests via Facebook Live
  • Tailored training to suit your experience level
  • Collaboration and support from my online community

So you can:

  • Close more deals and boost your income
  • Develop realistic goals – and actually achieve them!
  • Overcome your fear of objections and selling
  • Attract quality leads and increase your customer base
  • Connect with your current clients on a deeper level
  • Increase your productivity (and free up your time in the process!)
  • Integrate best practices in your team

The Training Modules You’ll Get Access To As Part of The Sale Royalty Program

Sounds exciting? I thought so. This sales course will help you unleash your potential, while providing practical sales training that does exactly what it says on the tin. 

Now, let me guess:

You have just launched your brand and have no clue what comes next?

You have been in business for over a decade but lost all motivation?

You lack the confidence to make sales calls?

You need to finesse your sales pitch?

You can’t seem to close a sale?

You don’t know what to charge for your services

Turns out, you’re not alone. This hands-on program was specifically designed for the collective of small business owners who need that bit of extra guidance when it comes to their sales strategy.

Luckily, this is where I come in. 

But first, a bit about me.

Hi, I’m Ash. Wife. Mother. And, total film buff. I’m also an accomplished speaker and entrepreneur who specialises is high-quality B2B lead generation through my Melbourne-based company, The Promo Donna. You could say, I’m one of those rare breeds of salespeople who thrive on the phone and never shy away from a challenging prospect.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

Like you, I’ve experienced the many obstacles that come from establishing yourself as a salesperson. From overcoming self-doubt to fine-tuning the skills to transform a single phone call into a scorching hot lead, the path to success is often far from easy. Fast-forward fifteen years and a few thousand satisfied clients, I’ve now mastered the art of sales success while taking back the time to do more things that I love (movie marathon, anyone?).

Now, it’s your turn.

“Hey Ash, I’m in! How do I sign up?”

Spots are filling up fast for the kick-off on Monday the 18th of January, so secure your place and accelerate your sales results today!

But wait, there’s more!

While you wait for The Sales Royalty Program to go live, gain exclusive access to my FREE introductory module to help you create a killer sales process – the first (and most important!) step in your path to sales success.

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