Overcoming Objections

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Welcome to the fourth module of The Sales Royalty Program, ‘Overcoming Objections.’

Now that you’ve downloaded this module, you’re well on your way to taking your expertise to the next level – congrats!

But first, let’s flip the script on objection handling. There’s nothing worse than being shut down by a prospective client after mustering up the courage to deliver your sales pitch. My tip? Take a breather. Instead of jumping in to respond immediately, stop to listen to some of the key words your prospect is using. In doing so, you may very well start to understand some of your prospect’s pain points (without even having to ask!).

In this module, I’ll discuss:

  • How to transform objections into opportunities

  • The objection handling process that my team and me use every day

  • Demonstrating empathy when it comes to overcoming objections

  • Getting to the heart of the real objection

Along with my video, you have received a bonus worksheet that contains the top objections that we get at The Promo Donna across a variety of industry sectors – a valuable tool, which can assist you in overcoming common objections.

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Module Four: ‘Overcoming Objections.’
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