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If your audience is looking for a high energy, inspirational and passionate speaker who can deliver a new and fresh approach to selling effectively in the market place, then Ashleigh is the one you have been looking for. Ashleigh will demonstrate proven sales methods that your audience can implement immediately, and that will produce instant results. Her qualifications as a Master NLP Coach and trained actress also give her an unyielding confidence and flair in her presentations, that your audience can model and embody, ensuring they leave a lasting impression with their prospects.

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Speaking Topics
As a sought after speaker, Ashleigh specialises in prospecting and selling, showing audiences not only how to grow their business, but how to sell themselves and their brand successfully.

Selling is a process of matching the needs of your customer with the benefits of your product. That process isn’t finished until you ask for the sale.

Asking for the sale is a hallmark of a confident, proactive, and professional salesperson and through this presentation, Ashleigh will show you how to do this, covering topics such as managing expectations; creating a solution; follow up and closing techniques.

Selling. The word alone strikes fear into many. Mainly though, it is a word dreaded and feared by all but the most intrepid business owners. If you’re someone who knows they need to “sell” their products and services – after all it is the bloodline of your business – but feel fearful or anxious about actually doing so, rest assure there are ways to overcome your fear and to start selling like a superstar! Ashleigh will show you just how to master the psychology of selling so that you can take your business to the next level.


For Business Owners and Sales people today, mastering the art of an effective sales pitch is a fundamental skill. If you can ‘KISS’ your pitch and make it exciting and relevant to your audience, it should give them just enough information about your offer and will have them wanting more. Ashleigh will show you how to encapsulate everything you do, in a few clear and concise sentences; acknowledge the ‘what’s in it for your prospects;’ and to make sure that you close your sales pitch with a statement that will get them to act the way you want them to.


Ashleigh shares her story on her ‘crazy’ passion for doing the ‘grunt sales work’ that most would rather avoid – cold calling. Starting her lead generation company The PromoDonna literally from her bedroom and cold calling the companies she wanted to work with, the business has now grow into a Team of six sales professionals, assisting hundreds of companies throughout Australia. During this 45-minute presentation, Ashleigh shares how mindset, passion and focus are the key to creating great sales results and well as the great things in life. She will share with you how you can create the ‘sales persona’ you have always dreamed of playing and ultimately create the business you have always dreamed of.

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