Questioning The Key To A Great Sales Conversation

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I’m so excited for you to discover the third module, Questioning: The Key to a Great Sales Conversation’ in my series, The Sales Royalty Program. Why so? Because I’m about to share the eye-opening advice that changed the way I spoke to prospects forever. Intrigued? You should be.

Before I spill the beans, let’s talk about key questioning. Perhaps the most important sales weapon in our arsenal, key questioning not only encourages your prospects to divulge their pain points, but allows you to build authority as a trusted consultant. In fact, a strong question strategy can improve your close rate by 20%! Now, that’s worth talking about.

In this module, I’ll discuss:

  • My TOP TIP for selling!

  • How key questioning can open up your conversation

  • The power of open-ended questions

  • Sales conversation examples

As well the industry-leading advice you’ll hear in my video, you have also received a bonus list of example questions tailored to your industry sector to help you get to the heart of what your customers really want.

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Module Three: ‘Questioning: The Key to a Great Sales Conversation’
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