Creating A Powerful Sales Pitch

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Welcome to ‘Creating a Powerful Sales Pitch’, the second module in my series, The Sales Royalty Program.

We’ve all heard the term ‘elevator pitch’. For some, it may conjure up images of the television series, Mad Men, with its no-nonsense suits speaking slick advertising jargon. But what you may not know, is that an elevator pitch is not designed to win over your prospect on the spot. In fact, a good elevator pitch will provide just the right amount of information, while leaving your prospects eager to learn more.

This module has been developed to help you understand the key elements to include in a successful sales pitch, and how to deliver it like a sales pro. Not only that, you have also received a bonus set of example pitches that are proven to work, so you can size yours up against some of the best.

In this module, I’ll discuss:

  • The importance of practising your elevator pitch

  • Developing a series of different pitches

  • Effectively communicating your USPs

  • Ensuring your marketing pitches are unique from your competitor’s

  • Highlighting your prospect’s challenges in order to deliver tailored solutions

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1 Lessons / 1 Quizes
Module Two: Creating A Powerful Sales Pitch
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