Following Up Techniques

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My sixth module, ‘Follow Up Techniques’ is one of my favourites in The Sales Royalty Program because, well – following up is a bit of a dying art. And yet, it could be the most powerful tool in your kit. Let me tell you why.

Rejection sucks. I totally get it. The desire to follow up a lead after they’ve expressed no interest in your product or service – or worse still, they haven’t called you back at all – is certainly not great. But chances are, your competitors feel the same. In fact, 44% of sales reps give up after just one follow up call.

Enter: opportunity! If you can find a relevant and tailored approach to following up a particular prospect, the more chance you have of weeding out the competition. Remember, a ‘no’ doesn’t always mean a ‘no’. Better still, complete silence doesn’t automatically mean disinterest. #truth

In this module, I’ll discuss:

  • Why a ‘NO’ is never a ‘NO’

  • Building brand equity

  • Setting a date and time – and sticking to it!

  • What to say and ways to appeal to your prospects

  • Taking ownership of your lead

As a bonus to this video, you have also received a template to help you track and manage your leads, which includes a follow up date column so you can work on improving your sales performance (you’re welcome!).

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1 Lessons / 1 Quizes
Module Six: ‘Following Up Techniques.’
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