Episode Five: Lights, Camera…Sell! What Salespeople Can Learn From Actors


Lights, Camera…Sell!

Having worked extensively in the TV and Film industry in my younger years, I recognise that both the role of an actor and a sales person require the same passion, energy and thinking.

So just what are the transferrable skills that we can take from the world of acting, TV and the performing arts, to enhance our ability to sell?

I am delighted to have recorded this episode, “Lights, Camera…Sell! What Salespeople Can Learn From Actors” with special guest, Ravi Rajani.

Both of us firmly believe that our love and passion for cold calling and selling can be attributed to our performance background.

Ravi, as well as being the Commercial Director at Fly Now Pay Later, labels himself on LinkedIn as “Obsessed With Sales, Speaking & Leadership.” As an accomplished speaker, Ravi regularly delivers highly engaging videos and presentations to his thousands of followers.

Scripts! Some people love them, some people hate them..Friends (the TV show) is scripted and everyone loves Friends. It’s the WAY that people deliver. It’s not necessarily WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it…personally for me, I like a freedom within a framework” Ravi

What we cover during this episode:

  • The synergy between acting and selling
  • How acting, theatre and performing arts all have skills that are transferrable to the world of Sales
  • We discuss 5 key skills that are developed in acting that can then transfer into the sales world to create a successful sales star. The 5 key skills discussed are; communication, improvisation, scripts, reading the room and motivation,
  • We debunk the perception that actors are just “acting” and how in fact they are so truthful to their art and audience and how that authenticity greatly impacts the sales role
  • Plus so much more

Make sure to check out the podcast for all the details.

There is so much gold in this one (as always)!

You can access links to all the major platforms and listen via this link: https://pod.link/JestertoRoyaltyProject

To connect with Ravi Rajani, here are his details:

Website: https://www.flynowpaylater.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravirajani